Ways To Earn Money In COVID-19 Home Lockdown

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How to Earn Money During COVID-19 Home Quarantine

In most places in the world, home quarantine has been in effect for over 3 week (perhaps more). In first few days, you probably enjoyed staying home, playing games, watching Netflix and YouTube channels. However, as days go by, you are getting more and more bored and worried. Perhaps you are concerned about getting the dreaded virus, especially if there are a few PUMs in your neighborhood, but something else is more worrisome-money. You may be searching how to earn money during COVID-19 home quarantine? Since we all valuing the expansion in payment of dues the fact remains-by the time the quarantine is over, so will our finances. It is also likely that we will run out of money before we can go back to work again! Like the widespread internet, meme goes, we wont die of the virus, but well die of hunger. What can you do to earn money while staying at home? When severe limitations are in place that does not allow you to do traditional work, its time to try something new. You are already out of your comfort zone, stuck in the four corners of your home , so why not go a little bit further and try something you’ve never done before? You may read more updates about taxation. We have put together seven ways you can start paving the way for future income while you are at home during COVID-19 Quarantine.

1. Start Your YouTube Channel


Start your own YouTube Channel Think about it-how many hours have you spent daily watching nonessential YouTube videos just to pastime? Now its time to create your own channel instead of watching others.In leisure time, you can quickly start a channel about something you are intrested about. Just don’t make the mistake of jumping into the water without having a plan in mind. Remember, your ultimate goal is to earn money. Here are some useful tips to get started: Do your research. There are hundreds of beginners guides out there on how to get started on your YouTube channel success- take time to read them. (You don’t have anything better to do after all). Put together your equipment. In this ongoing situation, it may not be possible to invest in high-quality video instruments (you can hardly afford rice), so stick with the basics. all you need for now is a smartphone with reasonable video quality, a selfie stick, and a microphone. You may also need a simple video editing software to edit your videos. Find your inspiration. Remember that earning money from YouTube takes time and effort. If you are to get there, you need to be passionate about whatever you are v logging, so carefully decide the topic or interests you have.

2. Having Online Garage Sale

Have an Online Garage Sale This is probably one of the easiest ways you can start earning money. Due to the quarantine lockdown meet ups and deliveries could not be made, you can always find a way around. For example, how about taking orders as a reservation to be paid and delivered when the lock down is over? That way, you have sure money is coming your way soon. What items can you put on sale? Practically anything! Gadgets, utensils, toys, clothes, shoes, bags- you name it, someone else may want it. Of course, make sure the items are in good condition and take a clear photo of them. You can upload your pre – loved items on websites like carousell.ph and eBay. Or you could even create your own Facebook page and sell your stuff there. Facebook also has marketplaces and other pages where you can sell goods. If these two ways of earning money are not of your type, start having an online job.

3. Virtual Assistant Job

Try virtual assistant jobs Remember that the COVID-19 problem is global, which means many companies abroad also have limited work forces. With this in mind, there is a greater need for virtual assistants who can work from home and help their business. Virtual assistant jobs include encoding, writing, editing, programming, selling, graphic design, and other assistive jobs. So how do you get a virtual assistant job? We wont lie- virtual assistant jobs are in high demand, and getting one is not easy. However, with the amount of time you have, it is possible! First, you want to take a good, honest look at your skills and discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. Then, create a CV that highlights those strengths and finally find a place to advertise your skills. Facebook has pages like Upwork Philippines, where those looking for assistants in different fields. Some websites are designed for those online searching work like onlinejobs.ph or upwork.com and many more. Due to tight competition nowadays of online work, you should go through a course teaching you how to get a job online. A simple Google search will introduce you to online coaches who offer tutorials on the dos and don’ts of applying.

4. Referral Programs 

 Check in for referral programs These programs don’t offer the maximum amount income because the others but also are very straightforward. all you’ve got to try to to is sign up for such an idea , and each time you recruit someone. Paymaya is one example of such referral programs , for each referral, you get 50php.How does it work? all you would like is that the PayMayaAppp and a telephone number . Once you register and cargo money into your account, your account is verified, and you get an actual card that you simply can use for paying rather than cash. But before you’ll earn 50php per referral, you’ll got to get your PayMaya account upgraded. once this is often done, simply attend the Menu and choose the invite friends option, which sends a call for participation to friends to register to theAppp. When a lover registers with the Upgrade for free of charge option, both they and you get an additional 50 bucks in their account! certain 50php isn’t much, but if you’ll get even only one friend to check in every day , you’ve got one kilo of rice to contribute to the family! great , right? And since people cant leave to pay bills or buy things, they have online payment methods now quite ever.

5. Make Blog Or Website


Start your blog or website If you are camera shy or don’t feel comfortable showing yourself to the world, a blog is a great alternative. Of course, you would need to have a little interest and skill in writing for your blog to be attractive. Like the YouTube channel, your blog needs to about a specific topic or niche and ideally about something you are passionate about. The only problem with a blog is earning money from your blog will take some time and you may need to do a lot of research to figure out how to increase your visitors. For designing Word Press the best site that offers free templates to choose from. Or you could use platforms like Wix that allows you to create a website using customizable templates with drag and drop options.Although your website wont earn you money in the near future, now is a good time to get started and pave the way for future earnings. Take time to learn about SEO, social media marketing, and other strategies that will qualify your website for Google Adsense (google ads placed on your website that earns you money per click). Even if your blog doesn’t generate funds, it does give you something productive to do in your lock down.

6. Sign Up For Affiliate Programs

Sign up for affiliate programs Before you can sign up for affiliate programs, you first need to have a website running with a reasonable amount of content. once you have that, you can look for affiliates like Amazon, Lazada, and the like who will pay you commission for all the sales they get from your site. Here’s a quick preview of how it works: First, you have a website that is focused on a particular niche. If affiliate marketing is your goal, you need to make sure that your site passes all the criteria that affiliate marketers require. Necessary pages like the contact page, privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of service, and about page should must included. Then, you need to build quality content on your website. Different affiliates have different requirements like the number of visitors your site gets to how many articles you need to have. So make sure you know what to achieve before signing up. Next, find a program or product that you want to promote. Of course it should be related to your website niche means if u have a website like mobile phones review then you can promote different mobile phones brand in your site. Earning money from affiliate programs may take a lot of time, and some go for years before being able to have a steady amount of money flowing, so dont expect results overnight.

7. Sell Services Online

Sell services online rather than actively trying to find jobs online where you’ll have tremendous competition, another idea is creating an internet site page or YouTube channel and selling services there. for instance , if you’re tapping into your creative side and have a knack for handmade items, why not
advertise your services online? you’ll easily create a Facebook page where you showcase all of your works of art, or if it’s a service you offer like
bookkeeping, why not offer it online? the good thing about selling services or products online is you’ll start earning money immediately from yourcurrent circle of friends and family.

Conclusion Home quarantine doesnt need to be a stressful time. If you play your cards right, you’ll use these few weeks as a stepping stone to earning money from the comfort of your house . Who knows-a a couple of months from now, you’ll plan to quit your office job and specialise in your booming

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