Iphone SE & IPhone 11 Comparison

Comparison Between Iphone SE & Iphone 11 Which Phone to Buy??

Apple's IPhone SE is about 300$ Cheaper than Iphone 11. Heres The comparison Between Iphone SE & Iphone 11

I Phone SE

Apple just announced iphone SE after four years of its older model with extra ordinary features in it. Iphone SE is launched to target mid budget people who can not afford 1000$ for Iphone . With 4.7 inches screen size it is the smallest of other models in the lineup.it includes wireless charging, water resistance & better camera specs.If you want to buy a new iphone in low budget then it is the best option for you.It comes with 64/128/256GB storage.Apple has set up its price tag 399$.

Image Credits:www.apple.com

IPhone 11

Having many of the same features like iphone SE ,Iphone 11 costs more than 300$ than iphone SE. With this price difference it has a bigger screen advantage , its screen is 6.1 inches x 4.7 inches diagonally.Iphone 11 comes with a better camera specifications compared to Iphone SE. A second wide angle lens and a better selfie camera & 2x optical zoom. Its price tag is 699$.

Image Credits: www.apple.com
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