Apple Confirms New Macbook Pro Update

Great News Apple Confirms New Powerful MacBook Pro Update

A Magsafe power adapter is seen connected to an Apple Macbook Pro laptop in this photo illustration on January 29, 2019. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

New Battery features deatails can be found in the latest beta of mac OS catalog, it will include a new battery health management tool.

Apple’s supporting archives clarify how the new element functions:

“The battery health management feature is making it easy for thebattery to increase its lifespam

by minimizing  the rate of chemical ages. it works with the help of temperature history and its charging designs.

“In light of the information collected, it may reduce your battery charge to some extent when in this mode.

This occurs varying to guarantee that your battery charges to a level that is streamlined for your use—

diminishing wear on the battery, and easing back its synthetic maturing.”

Apple also notes that by applying capacity limits to the battery to leave the spare headroom that

will reduce the endurance of the laptop on a single charge

If you do need the maximum endurance   the feature can be switched off

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